In 2004, Ziguangge sanitary ware factory was officially established and successfully registered as a professional bathroom brand. The brand originated from Ziguangge state guesthouse in Zhongnanhai, China. It is our goal to establish an international sanitary brand based on China and facing the world. Every product of Ziguangge is produced and processed in strict accordance with the highest international sanitary product quality standard. In the whole production process, a number of quality inspection procedures have been set up to prevent the defective products from entering the market. In order to strengthen the product quality, the enterprise quality management is carried out in strict accordance with the 1so9001-2000 quality management standard, so that the product quality is always maintained at the highest international level.

Ziguangge sanitary ware is famous for its brand effect of "people-oriented, winning by quality, and winning customers by reputation". Its products adhere to the design concept of "life oriented design", and "start with details, constantly improve product design and quality, pursue zero defect of products, and strive to make consumers enjoy a better life.

Looking forward to the future, Ziguangge bathroom will continue to increase its investment in technology and management with its strong strength. It will continue to innovate from the aspects of concept, mechanism, marketing, science and technology, comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, maintain the leading position in the enterprise, realize the sustainable development of the enterprise, focus on the specialty, and be the leader of the international bathroom industry. Based on China and facing the world is the driving force for every Ziguangge person to work.

Our factory has a large number of highly qualified and experienced talents in management, design and production, which effectively ensures that the enterprise always stands at the forefront of the times, and effectively guarantees the continuous innovation of product quality and design thinking. And people-oriented design concept, the international advanced bathroom concept into the oriental classical tradition, the use of advanced production management mode, the implementation of strict quality control standards, the establishment of customer-centered after-sales service system, committed to promoting the construction of Chinese bathroom culture. In 2008, the product was awarded the title of China's famous brand, and in 2010, it was awarded the title of China's top ten bathing room brands. At the same time, it has been insured by China Taiping property insurance company and sold well all over the country, and exported to Australia, Hong Kong and other countries and regions.



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